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Advancement in hi-definition display technologies is changing the way professional AV equipment is being used to communicate, broadcast, interact, collaborate & advertise in commercial environments. While this trend has fueled exponential growth in the professional audio/video (pro-AV) market, the rapid change in consumer electronics technologies driving this growth continues to outpace the technical innovation in complementary technologies required for AV signal processing & distribution systems which form the backbone of most AV installations.

A Montreal-based company, AptoVision provides advanced chipsets for AV/KVM signal extension, matrix switching, IP-based switching, video-wall and multi-view applications. Enabling end-to-end systems, these chipsets also integrate advanced inline signal processing capabilities such as light compression, broadcast quality scaling and audio down-mixing.  In 2014, AptoVision introduced its award-winning BlueRiver NT technology which forever changed the face of AV signal distribution by allowing installers and OEMs to replace traditional AV matrix switches with IP switches while delivering noticeably higher price/performance, flexibility and scalability.


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