AptoVision Leadership


Kamran Ahmed
CEO, Co-founder & Board Member

A computer engineer from McGill University, Kamran brings over 19 years of experience in product management, technical marketing and sales management of products which have collectively generated over $ 1 Billion in revenue to date. Prior to co-founding AptoVision, he acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the graphics, audio-video and image processing industries.

His career began with over 7 years at Matrox Graphics during which he held several positions in product management and technical marketing including heading Matrox’s product management team. Following Matrox, he spent 3 years leading the North American and European sales operations for SolVision (now Zygo Canada) and then moved on to lead the international sales operations at Magenta Research for 3 years.


Stéphane Tremblay
CTO, Co-founder & Board Member

An electrical engineer from Polytechnique Montreal, Stephane has over 21 years of experience in high-speed graphics, video, FPGA and hardware design of products representing well over $1 Billion in revenue during their lifetime. He has successfully led several R&D teams and has been the individual behind the conception and execution of products which have gained worldwide attention and success in their respective markets.

Stephane’s career includes 14 years at Matrox Graphics during which he led several hardware design teams. Before co-founding AptoVision, he also held key positions at Magenta Research (Director of R&D) and Muxlab (CTO). With innovation in his DNA, Stephane holds multiple US and international patents in graphics technology.

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