Customers and industry insiders have great things to say about AptoVision:

  • “As always I was drawn to the AptoVision booth … they continue to be disruptive and pioneering.”
    —Cynthia Wisehart, Editor, Sound & Video Contractor
  • “Not only did BlueRiver NT+ show the best picture quality – with no breakup of text and fine image detail; by moving a window on the display via mouse, they could also see that AptoVision’s technology showed the least latency.”
    —Paddy Baker, Editor, Installation – reporting on InfoComm 2016 demo
  • “AptoVision wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of the different codecs that are used to send AV over Ethernet networks. In a shoot-out the chip manufacturer demonstrated its BlueRiver NT+ technology against VC-2, H.264/265 and MPEG 2000. The company’s demonstration did show superior picture quality and lowest latency served by the BlueRiver NT+ chipset.”
    —InAVate – reporting on InfoComm 2016 demo
  • “Powered by the ground-breaking AptoVision chip, this is a comprehensive re-imagining of AV distribution that anticipates the continued rise of 10GbE and the fall of hard-iron matrix switches.”
    —Sound & Video Contractor InfoComm 2016 Best of Show Award to DVIGear 
  • “Achieving pixel perfect uncompressed video over a network with two-line latency was ground-breaking and [is] the future of AV and broadcast signal transport.”
    —AV Awards 2015 
  • “Everyone knows that, eventually, all A and V in the world of AV will go across the network. And, I’ve been writing about the reasons for this for years. Now, a company called AptoVision has a chip-based solution that anyone can license or integrate so that it can happen. Watch for the future – coming soon!”
    —Gary Kayye, Founder, rAVe [Publications] 
  • “One of the most innovative products seen in the judging process.”
    —Installation ISE 2015 Best of Show Award 
  • “Aurora Multimedia needed an uncompressed IP-based AV transmission technology with no latency as the foundation for its new IPBaseT platform. Not only is AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT chipset the only technology to meet this requirement, it also delivers on our vision of the future in which IP based systems will transform the AV signal distribution market.”
    —Paul Harris, CEO, Aurora Multimedia 
  • “We are excited to demonstrate new products at ISE using AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT chipset. We believe this technology will completely transform the way complex AV systems are designed and will provide users with unprecedented flexibility and scalability.”
    —Steven Barlow, President and CEO, DVIGear, Inc. 
  • “With a rich heritage in video over IP solutions supported by a broad product line, we found AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT technology to be a perfect fit with our strategy. Our vision for our business and our products relies heavily on IP and 4K UHD. Using AptoVision’s ground-breaking BlueRiver NT chipset in our products supports this vision and will help us delight our clients with the tools they need to be successful.”
    —Keith Kennedy, Global Director of Marketing and Sales, OEM/ODM Channel, Grandbeing 
  • “With a comprehensive portfolio of products integrating multiple AptoVision chipsets, IDK has now extended its 26 years of market leadership by also becoming the go-to supplier of optical AV signal distribution equipment in Japan. We have worked closely with AptoVision since its inception, and are extremely impressed by the quality, reliability and disruptive nature of their technology as well as their dedication to customer support.”
    —Hideki Iwasaki, President, IDK Corporation
  • “At ZeeVee, our goal was to enter the uncompressed AV signal distribution market with a product line which embraces forward looking technologies and architectures instead of recycling older concepts. Our partnership with AptoVision on the incorporation of their BlueRiver NT chipset into our new platform, allows us to deliver on this vision and to usher in a new era for AV signal distribution.”
    —Bob Michaels, CEO, ZeeVee

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