Case Studies

AptoVision technology is part of successful AV installations around the world.


Reality AV:  Building a corporate AV platform and a TV Show
By Cynthia Wisehart


“There were many goals to this complete office rebuild including delivering television, video or general information to everyone in the facility seamlessly and inexpensively.  The new video distribution system allows us to program, create and distribute broadcast quality video throughout the building across all kinds of different media types.”  — Mark Alfieri, Founder and CEO of BrandStar

“The ZeeVee ZyPer4K distributes HD-UHD/4K video from any source to an unlimited number of displays using ZyPer4K encoder and decoder modules and off-the-shelf 10Gb Copper or Fiber Ethernet switcher—nothing proprietary. It has virtually unlimited scalability by avoiding the input/output restrictions and fixed matrix architecture of conventional switching solutions. The ZyPer is driven by the AptoVision BlueRiver NT chipset which allows extension and switching of 4K video over Ethernet with zero frame latency.”  Read the article »


Strategic Creativity
By Jim Stokes

When global marketing firm BrandStar moved to a new building, an entirely new AV platform for employees and clients was part of the mandate and the entire process was documented as a TV series called Office Spaces — a spinoff off the company’s Designing Spaces series that airs on Lifetime networks. ZeeVee’s Zyper 4K encoders and decoders, which include AptoVision BlueRiver NT technology are part of the state-of-the art AV design by Complete Integrated Technology of Boynton Beach, Florida.  Read the article »


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