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Will InfoComm 2017 Hasten Rise of AV-over-IP, Death of the Matrix Switch?
By Tom LeBlanc

AV-over-IP standard alliance SDVoE and its members are predicting the death of the matrix switch as they prepare for InfoComm 2017. Editor Tom Leblanc asks the question “Is this a sensational claim or an accurate market perception?” In this video, Justin Kennington, Aptovision’s strategic and technical marketing director and SDVoE Alliance president, explains. Watch the video »


The Rise Of The SDVoE Alliance
By Daniel Sait

“One of the big stories to come out of this year’s ISE was the progress made by a new industry body, the SDVoE Alliance. As one of the founding members and a technology company that CIE has followed the development of closely, AptoVision has a big part to play in the group.” Read the article »


AptoVision Weighs In On AV/IT Convergence, Software Defined Video, BlueRiver Tech
By Daniel Sait

“A spate of announcements and articles have come out of AptoVision in recent weeks all revolving around AV/IT convergence on 10 gigabit Ethernet networks and the growing importance of software-defined video architectures in pro AV. CIE speaks exclusively with Justin Kennington, strategic and technical marketing director at AptoVision, to provide some perspective.” Read the article »

Keeping AV All Shipshape
By Paul Bray

Paul Bray finds the increasing complexity of AV systems means that management and control of an organisation’s AV estate is becoming a top priority. AptoVision’s Justin Kennington and others share their viewpoints. Read the article »


True Convergence – AV and IT on the Same Network
By Justin Kennington

Uncompressed, zero-latency 4K transmission  over IP is here now.  Read the article »


Here’s the Answer to Truly Converging AV/IT Networks
By Justin Kennington

In order to truly converge AV and IT networks, the capacity of the data network needs to be upgraded. 10 Gbps infrastructure is the solution. Read the article »


AptoVision Releases BlueRiver API

Complete application programming interface lets developers harness all the features of AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT+ Series of AV-over-IP chipsets.  Read the article »


AV over IP Products: Chipsets

The new BlueRiver NT1000 is introduced.  Read the article »


Higher Gound

InAVate Asia Pacific editor Hurrairah bin Sohail talks to AptoVision’s Gerry Wilkins about the state of 4K video transmission in Asia Pacific and what is needed to ensure AV deployments can support the higher resolutions with zero-latency.  Read the article »

Waking Up to New Networking Protocols
By Rob Lane

Networking is entering a new era as the AV industry comes to terms with a period of rapid change. AV Magazine contributor Rob Lane investigates the advantages and disadvantages of AVoIP. AptoVision’s Kamran Ahmed and others share their viewpoints. Read the article »


8 Things To Know About HDCP 2: Prevent Blank Screens And Unhappy Clients
By Justin Kennington

This article was a #1 “Most-Read AV Stories of the Week”!
“HDCP 2.x is in many ways different from HDCP 1.x, and likely to cause as many interoperability issues as its older brother did – unless system designers understand a few key points.”  Read the article »

A Period of Transition
By David Davies

“The abundance of networked systems at InfoComm 2016 suggested that AV over IP is finally coming of age – but how far along are we really in this hugely significant transition?” Read the article »

AV Glue Episode 7: AptoVision
rAVe’s Mark Coxon and Gary Kayye interview AptoVision’s Kamran Ahmed and Justin Kennington

“If you are interested in AV over IP and don’t know AptoVision you need to. Their technology could become the ‘Intel inside’ equivalent of AVoIP and if it does, will the Crestron and Extron switching business go the way of Blockbuster video? We talk about all this and more so tune in to listen!” Play the podcast »


How to Recommend a Reliable Video Distribution Setup
By Steve Harvey

Steve asks the question: “How do you choose the ideal video codec, and how can you ensure your choice will still be supported years from now?”  AptoVision’s Justin Kennington and others provide insights.  Read the article »


Integrate 2016: rAVe’s Gary Kayye Interviews AptoVision’s Gerry Wilkins

Current customer installations and the future of uncompressed 4K AV-over-IP are discussed from the show floor in Sydney. Also at Integrate 2016, AptoVision customers including IDK, iMAGsystems and ZeeVee presented their latest AV signal distribution solutions based on AptoVision BlueRiver chipsets. Watch the video »


Ethernet – The New Old Standard
By Justin Kennington

The June issue of Sound & Communications features an Industry POV: “Ethernet – The New Old Standard” by AptoVision’s Director of Strategic and Technical Marketing, Justin Kennington. Now that the transition from analog-based AV distribution to digital is complete, a transition from point-to-point matrix switches to Ethernet switches is inevitable. In this article, Justin breaks down how these various switches work and explains everything you need to know to prepare for the new normal of Ethernet-based signal distribution. Read the article »

AptoVision BlueRiver NT+ Chipset
By Tom LeBlanc

“As 4K HDR sources came to market at InfoComm 2016, AptoVision looked to position BlueRiver NT+ chipset as sole solution for switching and long-distance distribution of HDR content.” Read the article »

AptoVision Uncompromising Video over IP
By Jason Allen

Jason Allen provides an in-depth look at AptoVision’s video over IP technology. “The product demo that struck me the most at InfoComm 2016 was a simple yet effective one. AptoVision showed off their product’s capabilities not with 4K video of an effects-heavy blockbuster, but with a Windows 10 desktop. …when you start compressing simple things like text on an Office document, problems of resolution and latency get real, fast.” Read the article »

The BlueRiver Revolution
By Shireen Ho

Shireen Ho reports on the “First ProAV Chipset That Supports True 4K/60/4:4:4 Video Signals”. Read the article »

Distributing 4K/UHD Signals: What do the Numbers Mean, and Why do They Matter?
By Tim Albright

AptoVision’s Justin Kennington was interviewed for this article, which is “ a look at why 4:4:4 matters in certain 4K video distribution setups, especially commercial applications, and why it doesn’t matter in other situations.”  Justin would make the further point that integrators do not HAVE to compromise on the customer experience if they choose the right technology, which AptoVision provides. Read the article »

InfoComm 2016: AV over IP takes centre stage
By Paddy Baker

“AptoVision’s stand featured a shootout between different codecs used in sending AV over Ethernet networks: the same still image was sent to four different displays using the company’s own BlueRiver NT+ technology, VC-2, H.264/265 and MPEG 2000. Not only did BlueRiver NT+ show the best picture quality – with no breakup of text and fine image detail; by moving a window on the display via mouse, they could also see that AptoVision’s technology showed the least latency.” Read the article »

InfoComm 2016: The AV Over IP Show
By Lindsey M. Adler

“A few of the more influential AV over IP introductions came from …; AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT+ chip, already embedded in several manufacturers’ products, with a compelling codec ‘shootout’ demo at its booth;…” Read the article »


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