Extension, Commutation, Composition

La technologie BlueRiver d’ AptoVision repousse les limites de la connectivité multimédia entre les sources AV et  leur systèmes d’affichage en rendant possible l’extension simultanée des signaux vidéos Ultra – HD (4K) non compressés, de 32 canaux audio, Gigabit Ethernet,  480 Mo/s USB 2.0 ainsi que d’autres signaux contrôles par l’entremise d’un câble optique ou câble Cat-x.  La commutation de ces signaux est supportée par des commutateurs 10GbE de série, pour ainsi faciliter la composition multi-vidéos sur un ou plusieurs écrans.

  • Not only did BlueRiver NT+ show the best picture quality – with no breakup of text and fine image detail; by moving a window on the display via mouse, they could also see that AptoVision’s technology showed the least latency.

    Paddy Baker Editor, Installation - reporting on InfoComm 2016 demo
  • As always I was drawn to the AptoVision booth … they continue to be disruptive and pioneering.

    Cynthia Wisehart Editor, Sound & Video Contractor
  • BlueRiver NT technology allows us to deliver on this vision and to usher in a new era for AV signal distribution.

    Bob Michaels CEO of ZeeVee
  • This technology will completely transform the way complex AV systems are designed and will provide users with unprecedented flexibility and scalability.

    Steven Barlow President and CEO of DVIGear, Inc
  • AptoVision's BlueRiver NT chipset delivers on our vision of the future in which IP based systems will transform the AV signal distribution market.

    Paul Harris CEO of Aurora Multimedia
  • One of the most innovative products seen in the judging process.

    Installation Magazine ISE 2015 Best of Show Award
  • Extremely impressed by the quality, reliability and disruptive nature of their technology as well as their dedication to customer support.

    Hideki Iwasaki President of IDK Corporation