Adaptive Clock Re-synchronization (ACR)

The use of off-the-shelf networking “centric” components such as networking FPGAs and optics for high quality AV signal distribution presents an inherent challenge. “Synchronous” & artifact-free transmission of video is a requirement for most pro-AV applications. Genlocking is also increasingly becoming a requirement for video-wall and tile applications. Such components, designed primarily for networking requirements (which are “asynchronous”) cannot transmit video without requiring a frame-buffer and re-clocking at the receiving end. The use of frame buffers and re-clocking results in a 1-2 frame latency, frame drops, frame repeats, and lack of genlocking, making such systems unsuitable for many ProAV and broadcast applications.

AptoVision’s ACR technology uniquely overcomes this limitation and converts such networking components into “synchronous” AV transmission devices through a unique clock reconstruction mechanism that ensures clock coherency across the entire system. The resulting benefit is zero frame latency, no frame artifacts and built-in genlocking capability, all on off-the-shelf, cost-effective networking components.